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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need somebody to shoot at your station?

Please note we do not require any assistance from  recreational hunters or shooters on our station. We have agreements with local, qualified people to conduct all of our pest management.  You may not bring firearms onto a pastoral lease without the permission of the landholder.

Can I come prospecting?

You need to contact us prior to entering our pastoral lease for any reason, including prospecting activities. If  we are mustering we will ask you not to come onto the property until we have finished.

If you are prospecting, take every scrap of rubbish with you, don't bury it ... the animals dig it up.

Never drive anywhere after rain, you will cause enormous environmental damage and you will be charged for any road repairs we have to carry out. If it rains, sit tight and let the roads dry out. 

Be mindful of the fact that Challa Station values its natural capital. Please do your utmost to care for our environment. 

Regular aerial surveillance is conducted over both Challa and Windimurra Stations.


Challa Station
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Western Australia

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